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Theo’s view of #Social … and we don’t mean a pint down the pub!

Theo’s view of #Social Spotlight article for Syntax Media However, if you listen to Google Dave and Bill Boorman, as part of their great work with Social Talent, they’ll tell you a lot about the similarities between engaging and socialising … Continue reading

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Theo’s view of the TMP World… in which he lives and what a world it is!

Business, Creative Marketing, Digital Marketing, Engagement, Recruitment, Talent So here at TMP Worldwide UK and our Sister company Yocto RPO we’re the quirky ones in the room. Not all beards, cool specs and ‘Tank Girl’ or ‘Tuxedo’ t-shirts, although there … Continue reading

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#SocialChain; new kids on the block, reflecting a societal change

‘The kids who decide what all the other kids are talking about’ #BBCRadio4 So here they are the cool 20 something’s, Uni drop outs, who’ve created a movement, a wave of opinion, an impact on millennials that can provide them … Continue reading

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How-to find Santa’s replacement!

  Come on we’ve all asked the question; How does Santa get around so many houses in one night? How does he get down those chimneys? Where does he find all those elves and reindeer? Point one and two can only be … Continue reading

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How-to ‘Be the Best’!

From day one there is a glint in your eye and a surge of adrenaline through your body. You see the opportunity to compete and you take it. Walking along the side of the road one day you spot another … Continue reading

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“A How-to” Negotiating your salary in a competitive market

Always think about the bigger picture: the company as a whole. A potential employer will   look at what you’re worth and what potential value you’ll bring to the organisation.  Do your research to understand how they may measure this … Continue reading

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The best step, the first step ‘Gorau cam, cam cyntaf’ – In business and in life

Today is a momentous day! It is the day me and my wife had our 12 week scan for our first baby and found out its due date. All the worry, emotion and excitement have brought us to the first … Continue reading

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