The best step, the first step ‘Gorau cam, cam cyntaf’ – In business and in life

English: Columbus (ship)

English: Columbus (ship) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a momentous day! It is the day me and my wife had our 12 week scan for our first baby and found out its due date. All the worry, emotion and excitement have brought us to the first live images of our new life.

It is not the only new venture in my life this year. Recently I started a new role leading global business development for retained solutions within executive search firm, Russell and Partners. Many of the feelings and emotions of starting a challenging new role have surprisingly been the same as starting the creation of this new life.

Not knowing if everything will be okay. Have I done all I can to make the transition to the next stage of my life? Is it the right decision at the right time and how will it affect me financially and emotionally? Will it be as I expected it to be and how will I deal with the inevitable hurdles?

We never know what life will throw at us and fear can become our barrier to new horizons. When Columbus in 1492 ventured out across the ocean for ‘the first step’ to finding new land, he did it in the knowledge that the great sea of life may swallow him up, but also knowing that to live without trying, was to die without living.

When I look back at the first step in all that I have done and achieved, it fills me with nothing but positivity. So why with this knowledge are we filled with so much apprehension whenever we step into the unknown? It’s because human nature wants us to assess the risks. During the millennia of human evolution we have stepped on a few rusty nails in our time and this makes us cautious when taking that first step.

Caution can quickly turn to fear and we all know what fear is (the barrier to new horizons!). We need to look fear in the face and dissolve its powers with reason. I can tell you from experience that fear, fears nothing more than reason. When faced with that first step into a new role, or a new business venture, or the simple act of creating a new life! Fear is a barrier only if we let it become one. Use reason to evaluate the situation and don’t allow fear to become the problem.

So today I am going to cherish this moment. Our new baby’s due date (first step into the world) is the 1st of March, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant (St David’s Day) the feast day of the patron saint of Wales. It is the first step of a new life that will have many first steps of its own and I’ll be there to share the joy and provide the cautionary note of evolutionary wisdom along the way.


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2 Responses to The best step, the first step ‘Gorau cam, cam cyntaf’ – In business and in life

  1. Karim Lalani says:

    Hi Theo, congratulations on your wonderful news! Karim

  2. Theo Smith says:

    Thank you Karim 🙂

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