3 reasons you shouldn’t take the counter offer!

English: Broken Love Heart bandage

English: Broken Love Heart bandage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1)      They don’t really love you!!

2)      They only want you because they’ll be lonely!!!

3)      They’ll get rid of you as soon as the next big
thing comes along!!!!

They don’t really love you!!

Once you have told your boss you’re leaving they‘ll lavish praise on you and tell you how you are meant for better things. Even if it had been true, it’s not now. You have promised your heart to another and that’s more than they can take. If they really loved you they wouldn’t be putting you through this and you would have had that promotion and pay rise you wanted a long time ago.

They only want you because they’ll be lonely!!!

Having an empty space in the office is not good for business. They’ll offer you more money to save them paying to find a replacement. Recruitment fees are not cheap and a little extra in your pocket buys them time and keeps the work ticking over. Remember you’re there for a reason and they would rather have somebody in the role than have an empty desk.

They’ll get rid of you as soon as the next big thing comes along!!!!

They’ll promise you the earth until they can find somebody else and push you out the back door as soon as they have your replacement. Does all this sound a little harsh? Well it is, because you’ve just told them you might not love them anymore and you’re considering running off with their nemesis.

The reality is you need to consider all the reasons why you wanted to leave in the first place. These reasons will not have changed and the company you’re moving too is excited to have you and will be very disappointed to lose you at this stage. Don’t be arrogant or greedy and take some time to think this through. Ask some friends for advice and reach out to your network on LinkedIn. Ultimately you must live with your decision, but history shows us that taking counter offers very rarely has a happy ending…


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